My sister suggested that I transform the passage into a poem. So I did, without changing the words. I hope this makes a better read.

One does not simply escape the path of the destiny.
Follows, curses the Almighty for forcing the walk, cries.
One does not simply fight the Lord.
Asks, begs to be provided, curses.
One does not simply thank the heavens.
Smiles, enjoys the rewards, forgets.

One is ungrateful; One is demanding.
One wants what One does not have; One depreciates what One has.
One commands respect, but does not reciprocate.
Why, because only One is deserving.

One dares to dream, builds, earns.
One flaunts, does not share.
One steals, hates being robbed.
One hates, hates to be hated.
One loves, needs to be loved.
One holds on, never lets go.
One worries, does not assure self.

One creates, then destroys.
One acknowledges, then ignores; One accepts, then denies.
One gives, then takes away; One mixes, then separates.
One shows, then hides; One sees, then flees.

One attempts to confess; One tries to redeem.
One is unique, just like everybody.
One remains a mystery; One is always considered evil.
But One is necessary.
One is a savior; One is a warrior.
One is mute; still speaks aloud.
One has ears; still does not listen.
One has a heart; still does not feel.
One has a mind; still does not think.

If only One could stop falling; If only One could stop hurting.
If only One could realize the truth: there is no One, only its Shadow;
The darkness inside awaiting to swallow; and then there is the Light, yellow.
Open your eyes, oh One, Time awaits you tomorrow.
Open your ears, oh One, Life calls you to follow.
Open your mind, oh One, it is the beginning, wallow.