A Cursory Glance towards Enlightenment

The cursor is never afraid to erase the past and rewrite the future; never afraid to move forward; never afraid to begin a new chapter; never afraid to create a story on a blank canvas.

The cursor is an artist. An artist that draws a line to shape a letter. A letter that brings meaning to a thought. A thought that connects an idea with another. An idea that builds a new story one sentence at a time. A story that forms a world full of possibilities and dreams. A dream that transforms into a wondrous reality. A reality that binds the world in existence. An existence that projects its vision into the artist.

For a true artist who begins with observation and continues with practice, the journey matters more than the final masterpiece, because true knowledge is obtained on the path of learning curves.

Learning curves are like knives, some start dull before cutting sharply; like rivers, a smooth flow turning ferociously; like bridges, two worlds join while bearing stress aplenty. Those twists make you stronger. Those setbacks make you tougher. Those failures make you smarter.

Without doubt those twists are excruciating; those setbacks are faltering; those failures are never-ending. But sometimes we have to bear pain to realize our threshold. Unless we push our limits, we cannot expand our horizons.

We are told to be patient; to wait for the results. We are asked to work hard, and we shall prosper. They say practice will make us perfect. We’re promised that perseverance will take us places unreachable.

Yet we are constantly restless; we find ways to circumvent situations; we keep hoping for improvement without efforts; we give up easily when the going gets tough.

That’s just a part of human nature; not whole of it. Humans learn and survive. Naturally, learning paves way to more failures than success. Most common learning technique is to do as we see; most commonly forgotten rule is to see how we do. We do not realize how important it is to not only see, but to observe; to pay attention; to open our mind.

If we want to learn well, we must understand the secret of making mistakes. Even though we are open to knowledge, we fall miserably short of the true masters of learning.


They are the true essence of human nature; inquisitive, carefree, joyous, and enthusiastic. They do not hold back. They cry, and laugh, and jump, and run. Their day begins with questions, and nights with dreams. Their dreams are filled with wonder, and they wake with splendor. With each breath they live in the present; with each blink of an eye they absorb the moment.

It’s the innocence of adolescence teaching us essence of present tense; live in the moment, immerse in the surroundings, forgo the past, and welcome the future.

Can we realize the importance of now? Can we ride the wave of opportunity? Can we be ready for change? Can we let the fear of failure go? Or will we give up because it’s too hard?

When we cannot find an answer, perhaps the question doesn’t matter. When the journey is not easy, perhaps the destination doesn’t matter. When we cannot visualize the future, perhaps the perspective doesn’t matter.

If it is meant to be, it will be. It’s not about the inevitability of our destiny, but the acceptance of the underlying journey. Perhaps that’s what the cursor is telling us; to keep ticking without worrying about what lies next; to keep moving without waiting for the end.