Interests lie from reading to writing. It’s my preliminary intention to keep the truth seeping. Sports has not been kind lately. Pacifies more than invigorates; enthusiasm deteriorates. Kindle has helped to gain more insight in the psyche of other humans. While eating is a necessity, I find that, nowadays, it is a form of meditation; my mother always swore, sans profanity, by it.

Neatness escapes me; I don’t abide by it, I don’t hate it either. It does return willingly, guesticulates, and reruns away. Blessed with a clever family, arguments are a part of my thinking. Those who criticize me, end up being criticized themselves. I’m harmless; skeletons rarely hurt. I’m human; I wish to be someone I am not yet. I wish to have something I don’t have much yet. I wish to fulfill my dream I have not seen yet.

Seriously, I joke. Jokingly, I’m serious. I did perform on the stage once, I lack the confidence to repeat thenceforth. I chase simplicity, genius, memorability, magic. As I get high on an idea often, I churn out words that, in their future, mean precisely what they shouldn’t. So when you do blame me if you don’t agree with content, you will find me beside you wearing the twin of your pair of shoes.

There is no certainty in the interpretation, only a perception of reality.


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